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What's Your Lightbulb Moment? 


Your Story Matters

This is a non-traditional way for passionate supporters of Early Excellence and its initiatives to share their milestone moments and give credit to the key mentors or individuals from their past who helped them see the light that changed their lives forever.

Tell the story of how your life transformed or transcended so that others can learn from your experiences and make a difference in their world.

Why do I want to tell my story?

Your story may offer hope and healing to others. There may be insights in your story to help someone else make it through the trials and tribulations they are experiencing.

How do stories impact us?

Your story may help someone understand. Learning from your stories will help our students throughout their lives. In addition to academic goals, stories enrich lives and provide guidance for living.

All of this will take place in a comfortable private booth with a camera prepared for you to simply press play and record your beautiful past and all the twists and turns that have led to your current excellence today.

These stories will be compiled and played on our website for the community to see what you have endured. You've earned the right to be called successful. With hard work and the right decisions, the young individuals participating in Early Excellence will also be considered a success.

After recording your story, simply make your pledge/donation to Early Excellence.


Your pledge can be made public or remain anonymously submitted.

Tell Your Story

Thanks for submitting!

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