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There are many conscious individuals who understand that our youth are opportunity deficient, and the organic reaction is to take advantage of those opportunities that are available to them. Unfortunately, the streets offer easily accessible outlets to those opportunities, and then we read or cry about the outcome of those opportunities. Well, the narrative changes here.

Here is an extremely easy opportunity to get involved in helping grant opportunities, advertising opportunities, report opportunities, or just simply being an opportunity. Early Excellence is the equalizer to negative influencers. We are the epitome of youth positive influencing.

Our youth need examples of what success looks like and how to obtain it. That is what Early Excellence is, an example of youth success.

Levels of Participation

There are levels to gaining access to Early Excellence and offering positive outlets and platforms to the youth of your community.

Become a State Director – Simply put, it gives someone who aspires to become a non-profit founder the opportunity to achieve that without all the hassle of startup procedures.

Become an Early Excellence City Director – This is the same, but the difference will be that you have to research our website to find out if your state already has an Early Excellence State Director in position. If you discover that your state has an Early Excellence State Director, then you must contact that individual and apply accordingly.

Become an Early Excellence volunteer - Please contact your city director for further information.

Opportunities at Early Excellence

The simplest level of getting involved with Early Excellence is the Early E-Magazine opportunity. This is the simplest avenue but extremely impactful.

Youth Freelance Writing – This option involves individuals who understand the power of the pen. This director or volunteer will be excited about offering a platform to youth who are already writing either for their schools or in other capacities. These students are probably a little more advanced in their writing abilities, and then you have those students that are writing but probably in their journals at home or simply demonstrate great potential as a writer.

Obtaining all of the legal information giving you the power to operate as an Early Excellence participant in either capacity will be shared with you after a vetting process of your character and legal background.

The director or volunteer will advertise, locate, and recruit these writers, and share with them the opportunity to have their work published on a city, state, and national level. The stories will be written about the positive activities and accomplishments that are happening at the hands of other youth in their communities. Their job is to show how youth are achieving and impacting their city and state positively. Uncovering youth positive interest stories is their objective in any capacity.

Those stories will then be written by the students, submitted to either an Early Excellence supporter, volunteer, director, and then proofread, and edited, as well as graded with the seal of early excellence, letting us know that it has gone through the Early Excellence Quality Assurance process and is ready for publishing.

This includes all the legal requirements of gaining the signatures of parents giving permission to print and be printed about. This is the easiest way to get involved as an Early Excellence participant.

Each state will have an icon button representing their state and city that readers from your city and state can locate positive youth stories in your community.

Funding requirements to get involved are extremely limited at this level. It will be limited to administrative costs.

Other opportunities will be shared at a later date.

Let's go find those young talented youth writers so we can give them a platform to gain valuable experience before college. Let those young writers give all those young people valuable positive exposure for all that hard work they are doing in the community and the achievements they are accomplishing. These are our positive influences.

Early Excellence, Inc.

A two-part franchise opportunity!

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