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Changing the Narrative 

 Through Positive Journalism 


Discover Your Passion

Do you love to write, create videos, or interview friends? Let us help you turn your passion into a future career option.

Our Vision

Early Excellence is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop digital media products such as an online magazine, an informative podcast, and a positive-focused television show for teens and young adults.


Our aim is to create an inviting, exciting, and interactive experience for teens who love to express themselves creatively. We want to supplement what students learn in school by allowing them the opportunity to put their skills into practice and give them access to equipment and additional resources at our center in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Our Students

Early Excellence programs are designed to address the needs of all students.

Our programs are created to build connection and empathy and to fulfill our vision that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved, and celebrated. Early Excellence is more than a one-day program. Our programs go beyond traditional programming; events.

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Turn on your creative thinking skills and learn how to tell stories the right way.


Do you know someone who inspires you? Now is your chance to tell their story and the stories of others.

Writing Skills

Writing is an essential skill for success. Let our experts guide you to a rewarding career.

Idea Sharing

Your ideas are welcome here! Work with your peers and make an impact.


We are constantly looking for and forging new partnerships.

The old adage that it takes a village is correct. We are always looking for new ways to bring our community leaders in business, academics, arts and more under our umbrella of youth inspiration. We believe working with the community directly impacts how our youth will see the world.



Join our volunteering programs and make a difference.

Our Youth youth need volunteers in various industries to introduce them to different professions. By introducing our youth to new ideas and career paths volunteers can provide opportunities that may take our youth off the streets by filling idle time. These opportunities can replace negative activity with productive activity possibly inspiring new positive and more healthy interests

Get Involved

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